Florent Gros

Chairman & Founder

Florent Gros has has held various leadership positions in venture, intellectual property and business transactions at Nestlé, Pasteur Merieux Connaught and Novartis in Switzerland, Europe and North America. 

Florent has been an active investor for Novartis Venture Funds, seeding companies, serving as director and advisor, sometimes serving as ad. interim CEO, for biotech and medtech companies such as Adicet Bio, Anokion, Binx Health, Covagen, Evolva, Gensight Biologics, Inflazome, Merus, Okairos, Oculis, Vivet Therapeutics.

In 2019, Florent founded and led as CEO Handl Therapeutics in Leuven, Belgium, which developed gene therapy technologies, and was sold to UCB Pharma in 2020. In 2020, Florent then founded and is leading as CEO Priothera Ltd in Ireland, which is developing a late stage clinical asset in hematology.

Florent is a Kaufmann Fellow (class 12) and holds a Biotechnology Engineering Master Degree from France; he did his diploma thesis on vaccines at GSK in Belgium. He also holds European and French patent lawyer degrees and a Master in Private Law.